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The goal of the Ogabi Nu-Derm system is to create soft, radiant-looking skin, to increase skin tolerance to an environmental assault and to restore normal skin functions. The Nu-Derm system corrects surface discoloration and blemishes. Importantly, it also penetrates into the skin to stimulate skin cell renewal, improve circulation and help rebuild collagen. The normal barrier function of the skin is restored, making the skin less sensitive and better able to hydrate properly. After six weeks, new skin cells emerge to the surface.

You will notice that your skin is smoother and clearer, with a healthy, even glow. Your skin supple, firm and naturally hydrated. Most importantly, your skin is healthier and more resilient.

  • Restores skin to its natural cycle of maturation
  • Maintains soft, smooth skin with a healthy glow
  • Helps produce more even skin color
  • Can be customized for all skin types and ethnicities
  • Utilizes the most effective treatments for hyperpigmentation and the effects of photodamage to improve skin at a cellular level
  • The perfect complement to a variety of rejuvenation procedures Preparation
  • Gentle Cleanser:
    Cleans and soothes delicate and normal skin
  • Foaming Gel:
    Deep cleaning for normal and oily skin
  • Toner:
    Restores skin's natural pH level for all skin types

  • Clear™:
    [hydroquinone USP, 4%] Skin bleaching/correcting cream
  • Exfoderm®:
    Exfoliates dry, thin, or sensitive skin
  • Exfoderm® Forte:
    Exfoliates thick, oily or tough skin

  • Blender™:
    [hydroquinone USP, 4%] Lightening/blending cream to even color tone
  • Followed by individually prescribed tretinoin cream

  • Sunfader™:
    [hydroquinone USP, 4%; octylmethoxycinnamate USP, 7.5%; oxybenzone USP, 5.5%] SPF 15 sunscreen with lightener for hyperpigmentation
  • Sunblock:
    [titanium dioxide USP, 9%; zinc oxide USP, 6%] SPF 24 broad sun protection for all skin types
  • Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35:
    Micronized zinc oxide. Providing superior broad-spectrum protection. Ideal for everyday use.
  • Eye Cream:
    Soothes delicate skin for all skin types

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Information reprinted courtesy of OMP, Inc.

Travel size cleanser, toner, and sunscreen available.
Meets TSA carry-on requirements

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